11 July 2016

Specialists in aluminium scaffolding hire Melbourne


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Experience and Reliability has helped us become No. 1 in Victoria for aluminium Scaffolding Hire.

Mr Scaffold are Aluminium Scaffolding Specialists.  Growing from a small two person operation into the leader in aluminium scaffolding has taken time, energy and reliability.  Mr Scaffold has become a household name for providing access solutions for every situation.  We concentrate on our specialty, unlike some companies who try to offer all types of scaffold, we specialise in aluminium so we can provide the BEST to you.

Recent Jobs have been so varied, we had some units in Toorak, a business in Box Hill, homes in South Yarra, Pascoe Vale, Fitzroy, Hawthorn east, Albert Park, St Kilda, Springvale, Carlton North and that is just the last week.  Mr Scaffold’s teams have this year been to every corner of the Metro area,


Scaffolding Victoria – A guide to Mr Scaffold Services

We provide complete end to end services for scaffolding and heights access in Melbourne.  From Werribee to Frankston, from Sunbury to Yarra Glen we have provided scaffolding to Melbourne area companies, residents and in some cases visitors.  As the premier scaffolding contractor in Melbourne, we have worked with large building contract firms on heritage projects to the scaffolding of houses and churches.  We have worked with painters and roofers in suburbs across the area.  Businesses and halls throughout the boundaries of the Melbourne area have seen the erection of Mr Scaffold signs as we have scaled the heights of every challenge.

Scaffolding Procedure

In most cases, we will have our Estimator make an appointment with you to discuss and view your exact requirements.  You can show us where you want the scaffold and what the hazards are.  We also get a first hand look at the environment at the start, parking, surrounding structures, etc.  Our Estimator will provide a detailed quote of each item we believe will be needed to complete your build.  After your approval, our team will arrive at your site ready to erect the scaffold tower.
Upon completion of the erection phase, a certified professional will provide a scaffold ticket for the tower.  This ticket is valid for 30 days, and is mandatory for all scaffolds over 4 metres in height.  Mr Scaffold provides this with every scaffold we erect.  On completion of your work, our team will arrive on time to quickly and safely dismantle and transport away.

Engineering Services

Mr Scaffold will provide engineering services to ensure that a qualified engineer has approved the build plan when required and then signs off on the completed scaffold.  Feel free to browse through our Projects page, and you will see many examples of Mr Scaffold meeting unique and specific requirements in all manner of sites and situations.

All stages adhere strictly to all WorkCover requirements.

Hire Scaffolding

Mr. Scaffold has a dedicated team that can help you if your requirements are just to hire scaffolding or other equipment.

mr scaffold folding aluminium scaffolding. mini scaffold foldable lightweight scaffold that fits into a ute.

We call this Dry Hire in the scaffolding industry. It applies when you simply hire equipment from us, but erect and dismantle yourself.   We conduct Dry Hire and Purchasing operations from our base in Thomastown.  We deliver all hire scaffolding, whether we are erecting the scaffold or not, we also pick up the scaffold on completion of the hire.  Please be aware that any scaffold over 4 metres in height needs to be signed off as complying with WorkCover requirements by a certified scaffolder a minimum of every 30 days.

Mr Scaffold has scaffolding accessories, Foldable scaffolds, Kwik Scaf Walk-Through scaffolding, ladders, Mobile scaffolding, scaffolding Towers, scaffolding systems and more hire equipment to assist you in whatever your project entails.  If you have specialised requirements, including Stair Access Solutions, Confined Space Solutions or Hoarding then please see our Specialised Services page.  If you are unsure in any way, then the team at Mr Scaffold can assist you in selecting the best possible scaffolding solution for your individual needs.