What to look for when buying a scaffold – Platforms

medium duty platform

Platforms (Decks) are a temporary work surface used for supporting workers and equipment.  Generally built using a frame made from steel or aluminium, they are designed to fit between two cross members in a scaffold framework set at specific lengths depending on the scaffold manufacturer.

hinged trapdoor scaffold platform

Hinged Trapdoor on Scaffold Platform


The Frames are made in a ladder style, with box frame sections running along the length of the platform, connected by cross members ensuring the maintenance of rigidity & weight tolerance across the entire platform.  This style of construction ensures maximum strength versus weight.

Standard & Trapdoor

The manner in which frames are made provides the ability to partition the platform surface and introduce a trapdoor in the platform for insertion of a ladder for safe and efficient ascent / descent from the scaffold working area.



non skid scaffold platform

Non-skid etching in marine ply scaffold platform work surface

Marine Ply top – weather proof

Most scaffold platforms utilise the weather resistant marine ply for the work surface, and incorporate a hard-wearing non-slip coating to further enhance the safety and functionality of the platform.  It should be remembered that persistent and repeated covering of this surface by other materials such as paint could adversely affect the effectiveness of the non-slip characteristics and therefore present a safety hazard to those using the scaffold platform.

Hooks on both ends

Platforms are designed to span a specific length and are secured by virtue of the mechanical forces that prevent them from moving both vertically and laterally once in place.  In the case of mobile scaffolds, platforms are designed to be matched with specific braces and frames.  Mixing manufacturers for any components on a mobile scaffold is not recommended.



Weight capacity

Platforms are manufactured to meet the specific weight requirements of the scaffold upon which they are intended for use.  Aluminium Scaffold comes in Light duty (225Kg SWL) and Medium duty (450Kg SWL) variants, and there are other variants for steel scaffold.  It is prudent to ensure that the platforms are intended for the scaffold rating before purchase.


Sizing options

Platforms come in a great variety of sizes, to match with the specifications of the scaffold framework.  Light duty platforms have less variety, mainly restricted to the standard 2.5m length to match with the more focussed intended use envelope of the 225Kg SWL.  Medium duty platforms can be sourced in half deck sizes, ranging from 600mm to 3.2m.  Many of the lengths, from 1.2m have the option of being purchased with a trapdoor included.


Prefabricated platforms should be covered by a manufacturers warranty, Mr Scaffold offers a lifetime guarantee on the welding, with a 1 year warranty on all parts of a scaffold, including platforms.