The Structure beneath the flying platforms

the base amongst the trees

Our last post was so popular, and we had so many questions about the underpinnings of the scaffold that seemed to leap effortlessly from the trees in Frenchs Forest, that I thought we could dedicate another post to the pictures of the wonderful work our professionals undertook in and around the base of that build.

frenchs forest scaffoldThis view gives a wonderful idea of how involved in the bush and trees the base of the build is, and how specific our team had to be about where each of the supporting legs landed.  There are some technical and innovative tie-ins, and adjustments, but I will just present the photos for you, so you can enjoy the beauty of the scaffolding craft.





You can see here that the base of the scaffold is fully involved in both the footings of the structure, and the bush around it. scaffold frenchs forest Several large trunks needed to be negotiated, and in several places, smaller trees are incorporated within the frame for their entire height.

through the trees scaffoldTake the time to click on each of these images and see the larger version, you can see some magnificent detail of the skilled work by our team.




scaffold around the treesa-scaffold-walk-amongst-the-trees