Charlotte Street Railway Bridge Marrickville

scaffolding marrickville railway

Mr Scaffold is a known and respected provider of scaffolding to the railways.  Aluminium Scaffold is perfect for this situation, where the time taken to erect and dismantle the scaffolding affects the job timeline.

Railway overpasses are a particular problem in this regard, where the initial set-up of the base of the scaffold impacts the road traffic immediately, and then once the scaffolding reaches the railbed, the rail traffic is also affected.  scaffolding sydney inner west railway

Aluminium Scaffold is lighter and easier to handle than steel, and therefore erection times are greatly reduced, and the time from erection start to job commencement is greatly reduced.  The same is true of the dismantle, where the ease of handling the lighter aluminium components, along with the ability to use smaller trucks to stack and transport the scaffolding aids in the speed of clearing the site.

This particular job in Sydney’s inner west needed to be encapsulated to prevent the blasted debris from spreading away from the worksite.  Aluminium scaffold is well suited to all aspects of this task.encapsulated scaffolding sydney inner west

Mr Scaffold provides hire scaffolding to all manner of customers, from railways to companies and home-owners.  We also provide scaffolding labour, with experienced professionals qualified in RISI or Confined Spaces.  If you have a specialised job, or even a quick tower to reach a roof gable, give us a ring on 1300 677 223.