What to look for when buying a scaffold – Braces

light duty scaffold brace

The generic term Brace when used in relation to scaffolding refers to the diagonal and/or cross section bracing component of the scaffold construction.  In most mobile scaffolding systems, Braces are fixed length, and have dedicated couplers on each end to make erection and dismantle quicker and easier for workers.

Braces for Mobile Scaffolds can be broken down into different uses:

Horizontal Braces

Diagonal Braces

Plan Braces

1 to 1 (Guardrail) Braces

Special Use Braces


mobile scaffold horizontal braceHorizontal Braces  (Colour Coded Green on Mr Scaffold mobile systems)

Horizontal braces run parallel with the ground, as their name suggests.  They run the length of the scaffold tower, and set the length of the scaffold.  They are generally present at the lowest level of a mobile scaffold, just above the wheels or jacks.

Horizontal Braces are used to create the mandatory guardrails at every working level.  Coupled to the standards or to the dedicated guardrail frames, they provide anti-fall protection.



Diagonal Braces (Colour Coded Red on Mr Scaffold mobile systems)mobile scaffold diagonal brace

Precisely engineered to fit snugly angled upwards between scaffold frames, Diagonal braces provide stability and rigidity to the scaffold.  Diagonal Braces should always be inserted in a heel to toe fashion, where the lower end of the brace is connected and checked before engaging the upper end of the brace with the opposite frame.


mobile scaffolding plan bracePlan Braces (Colour Code Black on Mr Scaffold mobile systems)

Plan Braces run horizontally across the base of a mobile scaffold from one leg to the opposite side of the other end of the scaffold.  There is generally only one plan brace for each mobile tower.  Plan braces are specific to the length and width of a scaffold tower and are not interchangeable between different sizes.  Mr Scaffold Plan Braces are generally rated at 450kg SWL, however may be used on light duty EASYSCAF systems.




1 to 1 (Guardrail) Braces (Colour Code Gold on Mr Scaffold mobile systems)mobile scaffolding 1 to 1 brace

The 1 to 1 braces are named thus due to the way that they fit between a rung on one frame to the next rung up on the opposite frame of the Guardrail frames.  They are specific to the guardrail frames, as the rungs have different spacing to meet with guardrail regulations.  Guardrail frames provide strength, rigidity and stability to the guardrail frames and through them to the guardrails.


mobile scaffold transom brace with toeboard clipSpecial use braces

Braces may be manufactured to meet special requirements, such as Transom braces to run across the width of a scaffold.  These may be used when you wish to place a shorter platform in to a longer scaffold.  A Transom brace would provide the support for the hooks on the end of the short platform.  Another use is for bracing walk-through guardrail frames when two mobile towers are linked for specialised applications.





Braces as per any other component must be assessed by a professional to ensure the correct measurements and capabilities are present in the replacement part.  If you have questions on a replacement for your scaffold part, ring our team on 1300 677 223.