Scaffolding Safely – Plan your work and think ahead

aluminium scaffolding

Mr Scaffold is a firm believer in making safety a priority at every step.

According to Safe Work Australia, Scaffolding and Scaffold work is hazardous, and you must have the right skills and capabilities to work with them safely.

This is true, and to help a novice get onto a scaffold to do some painting around the house, there are many resources to help you gain the skills, knowledge and capabilities to ensure your safety throughout your work.  This is by no means an extensive list, however it will aid in detecting common errors.

quick scaffold check

  1. Look Up – Inspect the area you will be using your scaffold in, check for dangers such as electrical wires, sharp edges, potholes etc.
  2. Follow the instructions – All good manufacturers will have erection instructions for a scaffold.  Follow them closely and complete all steps
  3.  Use all the components – To a novice some components like Toeboards, Ladder Braces or Outriggers may seem unnecessary.  When available, they should be used on every occasion.
  4. Check all connections – Each brace needs to be firmly locked in place, outriggers secured and clamps tight.  Couplers should be tightly secured, and fittings like toeboards and ladders should be connected, secure and clear of obstructions.
  5. Ladders should extend to the toprail of the handrail of the level it is accessing, 900 – 1100mm above the deck level and be clear of the ground.
  6. Each Deck should have a midrail and toeboards to minimise any opening to less than 450mm and prevent tools or materials from slipping from the deck to endanger personnel below.
  7. Wheels Locked – The wheels on a mobile scaffold should be locked whenever it is in use.  A Mobile Scaffold should NEVER be moved with someone on it.aluminium mobile scaffold checklist
  8. Scaffold placement – You should not lean out from or work outside the handrails on a scaffold.  There are accessories and attachments that will allow you to safely reach your work area on a properly constructed scaffold without compromising safety.
  9. If in doubt ask for help – Mr Scaffold has a professional team that will help you achieve your access goals safely and efficiently.

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(With Thanks to Safe Work Australia)