Scaffolding in tight spaces amid the glass in Point Piper

point piper scaffold over glass safety

This recent project saw Mr Scaffold displaying our usual care and attention to detail in a very specific way.  Glass safety fences in very close proximity to the scaffold, beautiful patio tiles underfoot and a stunning home with a minimum of space to erect the scaffold.

point piper scaffolding

As can be seen in the attached photos, Mr Scaffold needed to provide a scaffold work platform some levels above the nearest launching point.  Our expert scaffold crew commenced with a secure foundation, to ground the upper levels of the scaffold, and moved immediately to the point some 4 metres above, where the scaffold needed to jump over the glass safety fence, and continue further up the side of the residence.

scaffold point piperOn that level, the scaffold needed to fit into the area inside the existing glass safety fence,whilst still supporting the levels above.  Mr Scaffold manufactures a complete range of scaffold widths and lengths to cope with almost any circumstance, and our KWIKSCAF system was proven to be the perfect solution.  Another three working levels were created, as needed for the project on hand.  On completion of the erection, which was completed in one day, the entire scaffold was covered.

Mr Scaffold has a policy of visiting sites beforehand to both provide an accurate quote, and also investigate any particular difficulties or circumstances that may need to be considered during the erection phase of our work.

Mr Scaffold are aluminium specialists, which is important in cases where the scaffold needs to rest upon surfaces such as patio tiles, roofing tiles, and other flooring, where the lighter weight of aluminium reduces the likelihood of breakage.  We are experienced in the provision of access in Residential buildings like the one shown, and also in Industrial, Commercial and Maritime environments, where the use of the lightweight aluminium scaffold can be of immense benefit in reducing the impact on vessel stability.

If you have a project that requires a specialised access solution, don’t hesitate to speak to our professionals and get the right advice.view past scaffold point piper