Custom scaffolding requirements are the norm

Split level Scaffold

Scaffold stair detail

Mr Scaffold operates across Australia with depots in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.  We have almost two decades of experience as a scaffolding company in providing access to Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients.  What we have found is that it is very rare for an access solution to have a completely “off the shelf” solution.  Mr Scaffold has teams working daily across the country, and even the simplest of jobs seems to have a small element of customisation or the need for the scaffolding solution to overcome an environmental or situational obstacle.

Sometimes, it can be easily overcome with the adjustments available within the scaffolding systems themselves, by adjusting the wheels or jacks.

roof extension scaffold

Other situations call for flexibility in the way that we secure (tie-in) the scaffold to the structure to which it is providing access.  Perhaps the ground is sloping under the required work area, and one end of the scaffold needs to be commenced at what would be a deck level up on the other end.

Architects continue to create buildings with interesting outlines and facades, and these can require quite a bit of thought when providing access to all the different levels and angles that are created.

The bottom line though, is that no matter what your access need is, no matter the different angles, levels or type of access you may require, Mr Scaffold is likely to have seen it before, and will have a solution just for you.  Our scaffolding systems are all capable of meeting the specifics of many different situations.  Our personnel are all highly trained and qualified, ensuring that each build is safe, reliable and complies with State & Federal requirements.

Give our professionals a call and see what we can do for you.