Aluminium Scaffold can meet many needs and requirements

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scaffold tie-inMr Scaffold specialises in aluminium scaffold, with our own brand that is manufactured to our own patents to meet and exceed the requirements of being used throughout Australia.  Aluminium scaffold is far lighter than any steel counterpart, and is pound for pound a stronger material.  The reduced weight makes aluminium scaffold quicker to assemble, and quicker to dismantle.  This reduces the amount of time in your Gantt chart allocated to scaffold build and removal.  Another advantage is that the reduced weight allows us to use smaller trucks, creating less of an impact in and around your site.

Aluminium scaffold is not suitable for brick and block work, where labourers are in the habit of stacking bricks on the scaffold for use.  This excessive weight on the scaffold span is over the Safe Working Load of 450kg per bay.  All other construction and maintenance work, where large weights of material are not being supported on the scaffold are suitable.

Mr Scaffold has a long list of projects on these pages that represent just a smattering of the different situations and requirements that are suitable for aluminium scaffold.  construction scaffolding nsw