Stair access for gutter replacement Pascoe Vale

scaffolding pascoe vale

Mr. Scaffold is a national company which is constantly striving to bring the same levels of consistent reliability, innovation and service across all our depots.  Each branch is a part of the entire Mr. Scaffold organisation, operating in concert with our Head Office and the other depots.  This is the only way we know to ensure that a Mr. Scaffold build in Perth meets the same strict standards as the builds in other states.

Our featured job in this post is in the Melbourne suburb of Pascoe Vale. This double storey house represented a few interesting access issues which were easily overcome by the qualified and experienced team from Mr. Scaffold.  The fascinating part is that even if you were a scaffolder, you would probably not give this build a second glance whilst driving by.  That is exactly what we hope to achieve at Mr. Scaffold.  The lower our impact on a site, the better we feel about it.

One of the first issues that were overcome was at the rear of the property, where a fixed pergola structure placed very specific constraints on the placement of supports and standards for the scaffold bays.  This is a regularly faced constraint, and with the flexibility of our patented KWIK SCAF, our crews have the option of 2.0 metre, 2.5 metre & 3.2 metre bays with our standard platform choices, and smaller 1.2 metre or 0.6 metre bays with other platform options.


The stair access for the site is situated within a standard 2.5 metre bay which is separate from the working platforms.  Given the required work height for the bays surrounding the gutter working area, the stair access is exited onto an intermediary platform, and the remaining height of the stair is blocked from use for safety.  Hoarding was provided to prevent casual access to the stairs and scaffold platforms.



Aluminium scaffold is incredibly versatile for a job like this, given the need to work above the garage roof and the lower floor roof both at the front and rear of the property, the light weight of aluminium scaffold allows use of the existing roof structure without significant risk of damage to the tiles.

Overall, this scaffold in suburban Melbourne is typical of many that we attend to throughout our service areas.  There will always be a fiddly area in your job for access purposes.  The best trick you can learn is to make sure you use qualified and experienced scaffolding professionals who will know the quickest and most importantly, the safest means of overcoming each and every situation.