Elevated verandah roof maintenance scaffold

view of house to be scaffolded

Gaining unfettered views from a comfortable position has long been a great drawcard for many residences.view from elevated verandah


Often, additional height or extensions are added to the building to take advantage of the views, and provide a greater access to them.

In our featured project this week, we have exactly that, a residence with a magnificent view, and an elevated verandah built to take advantage of the position.  Once you decide to do maintenance, you need to talk to Mr. Scaffold to provide a safe, reliable and efficient means of accessing the roof, gutter and blind hanging area for your trades.

scaffold corner on elevated verandah

With the longer side of the verandah being approximately 30 metres, and then another 6.4 metres on each side of the house.  The Top Working Platform (twp) for the scaffold was 4.5 metres, and extended handrails were required to protect any workers who stood on the roof itself.  Mr. Scaffold provided a

double width platform, using 3.2 metre long platforms.  Access was provided at one end of the side of the house bays.

access area for scaffold

In accordance with Australian standards, a level less than 2 metres below the working platform was fully decked (planked).  As this level was not being used for working, you will notice that it does not have the normal middle handrail, toeboards, or mesh guards.  The exception is the bay where the ladder access is set-up. Here there is not only the full range of normal rails and safety features, but also an upper handrail to protect the workers ascending the ladder adjacent.

As is customary for Mr. Scaffold, the entire build is correctly tied-in to the building itself, each of the legs is properly supported by a sturdy piece of wood to spread the load and help prevent settling.  Each leg has an adjustable jack which is used to level the entire scaffold before it is erected beyond the first level.  Each run (side) of the structure has face bracing (diagonal braces along the length of the bay) and end bracing (diagonal bracing across the end of the bay).  This stiffens the entire build so that it can be worked from safely and confidently.

roof scaffold for elevated verandah

The Qualified and Experienced Team Leader will have inspected the entire scaffold before signing off on the build.  This Certification is required for any scaffold where the risk of fall is greater than 4 metres.  Mr. Scaffold supplies it for each and every scaffold we erect.  This scaffold is not expected to be required for very long, however if it were needed to be in place for more than 30 days, then the scaffold would need to be re-inspected, and certified again.





scaffold corner elevated verandah to be scaffoldedscaffold on elevated verandah