IT growth to match the business growth

walk-thru scaffolding across entire site
Mr. Scaffold has seen solid growth over the last few years in all aspects of the business and has become the industry leader in the Aluminium Scaffolding arena, but one area of the business that has not grown in the same way has been in the IT systems infrastructure that supports it. This however is about to change.

Mr. Scaffold is about to embark on an ambitious project that will see the IT platform on which the business runs taken to the next level. Over the last few months Mr. Scaffold has undertaken a review of their systems in an effort to develop a robust strategy to support the business now and into the future. This strategy takes into account the projected growth for the business and the increasing reliance on technology.

Comprising of a server virtualisation project and an extensive disaster recovery strategy, the new systems will see the technology that Mr. Scaffold relies upon being available even in the event of a major disaster.

This project will see Mr. Scaffold supported by the best of breed hardware and systems available bringing the IT systems infrastructure up to standard both now and as we move forward. You can be confident that not only does Mr. Scaffold have the best Aluminium Scaffolding in Australia but the business will always be able to support you now and into the future.