Sydney Harbour views come at a cost

scaffolding point piper

There is a hidden cost in living directly on the harbour in Sydney, or anywhere for that matter.  As sailors have known for many centuries, salt water will find it’s way into everything, and start to corrode most materials.

scaffolding point piper home













The beautiful homes dotted along the shore of Point Piper are susceptible to the ravages of salt water and the impact it can have.base of scaffold in point piper

Aluminium Scaffold was an obvious choice for the builder, with it’s resistance to corrosion, and great durability, not to mention the convenience of light weight, given the limited access to the foreshore area of the home.

Mr Scaffold provided a safe and reliable working area across the front of the building, easily coping with the semi-circular balcony and the existing fauna which needed to remain undisturbed.

Point Piper Palm Trees

As with most home owners, there are always specific requirements and features that must be protected and kept in mind during any maintenance activities.  The Palm Trees and other plants in the yard of this Point Piper residence were advanced plants and some were directly impacted by the scaffold.  Mr Scaffold’s skilled professionals were able to ensure that they were not adversely affected by the scaffold build or dismantle, and they remain a fantastic feature of the property.

Scaffolding up appearances on Woollahra Point

Once in place, Mr Scaffold provided screening to minimise the visual impact of the scaffold, and allowed the builder to continue with the job.  Every home owner would understand the desire to reduce the impact of the scaffolds appearance, and screening or hoarding is a regular practice for commercial and residential operations.  It has the added benefit of providing a great reveal moment for the owners, as the dismantle process of aluminium scaffold is so short compared to it’s heavier competitors, it seems instantaneous to the casual observer.  point piper residence without scaffold

If you have a maintenance job, whether it is in Point Piper, or any other suburb, Mr Scaffold can help.