White Bay light weight roofing project with RAM Roofing

roof end scaffold white bay roofing

Scaffolding is a very specific industry, yet the applications for scaffolding are almost limitless.roof end scaffold white bay roofing

Mr Scaffold has participated in many projects, aiding other companies in the pursuit of displaying and completing tasks within their own industry.  From Fashion to Car Racing, from Heritage Restorations to New Construction, Mr Scaffold has the skills, experience and expertise to assist in any access solution.


roof perimeter scaffolding white bay sydneyThis Month, we look back on a project where Mr Scaffold helped in the construction of light weight roofing for White Bay passengers.  The speed and versatility of Aluminium Scaffold made it the first choice for completing this project.  Mr Scaffold was able to erect a safe and sturdy working platform around the edge of this beautiful curved roof.  The flexibility of the KWIKSCAF system is shown where Mr Scaffold has been able to provide simple changes in working platform height to suit the work area, and simple steps between those separate levels.



Weight matches speed when building or dismantling

White Bay boasts some magnificent views of Sydney Icons from angles that are not that common for the average tourist, or sydney resident.  Mr Scaffold didn’t linger for the views though, quickly assembling the perimeter scaffold, and then on completion of works, removing the scaffold and clearing the site for the next step in construction.scaffold white bay sydney roofing perimeter

scaffold in progress white bay sydney