Helping the All Stars achieve greatness

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Helping the All Stars achieve greatness

With reality TV reaching an all-time high on Australian television, it seems like channel 9 has picked the best in the business to help with their smash hit “The Block” All Stars. Coming back for a sixth Season The Block All Star has been voted and rated the best one yet.

Bringing past contestants together again from previous seasons, they have an all new challenge of renovating 4 heritage listed houses with the goal to auction them off with the most profitable house crowned the winner.

With renovations taking place rapidly the team needed the best in the business when it came to scaffolding. Mr Scaffold was proud to partner together with contestants and within 48hrs of first notice we had our products on site setup and ready to go.

Mr Scaffold helped with external renovations to the homes, providing ongoing support services throughout the series. Mr Scaffold is ecstatic with the results and looks forward to working in future on such memorable projects.

Our commercial used systems provided time saving and flexibility for contestants which were their number one priorities on the set. Working in and around a number of other companies, Mr Scaffold and our equipment kept contestants on track for their builds and helped complete important structural elements that will help them all achieve a great end result.

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