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Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

Job of the Month January 2007

Job of the Month January 2007

Mr Scaffold erected this scaffold to allow refurbishment to the outside of these buildings.  Mr Scaffolds KwikScaf Walk-Thru scaffolding system allows free access safely across the entire job on one level.  Internally mounted ladders braced correctly as per safety requirements mean that the job can be completed quickly and most importantly safely.

Mr Scaffold uses T6-6061 alloy aluminium scaffold.  This Tempered aluminium alloy is well known for having been used for the famous Pioneer Plaques on  the spacecraft Pioneer 10 and 11.  Its’ durability and strength were the qualities that attracted NASA, and they are the same qualities that attracted Mr Scaffold.  The alloy does not lose strength when abraded and it will never rust, unlike some heavier scaffold alternatives.

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