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Job of the Month - January 2009

Mr Scaffolds Job of the Month January 2009
Over the School Holidays in January 2009, the Emmanuel School in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs required reroofing.

A Sydney based roofing company was contracted to carry out the works, and Mr Scaffold performed the scaffold and working platforms to access the roof.

The job was made difficult only by the time constaints we were working with.

Take out Christmas and New Year, and we were left with 4 weeks, to complete the job start to finish.

The pitch of the roof was more than 40 degrees, so extra safety precautions needed to be taken by our scaffolders at all times. Harnesses were a must, and used throughout the job.

The scaffold provided access for the roofers, gutterers and painters.

Also it provided catch protection in case of a slip or fall, as other edge protection methods were impractical on this job.

Mr Scaffold Hire Sydney sent a team of 8 scaffolders to the job on 4/1/09, and had the scaffold assembly completed as required by 9/1/09.

Works were carried out for a week, and the scaffold was then altered.

Partially stripped and relocated to different sections of the roof as required in mid January, dismantle happened on the 24/1/09 – 25/1/10 – just prior to Australia Day.

The contractor, the school, and Mr Scaffold worked in conjunction to achieve a great result.

A big job, completed on time and on budget.