Neutral Bay Rendering and Painting

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

Neutral Bay Scaffolding

Neutral Bay client requested a scaffolding system to allow them access to paint and render their place.
Due to the many levels and sizes needed to access all surfaces, our estimator visited the location and measured all data needed.

Once estimation was approved, 8 of our experienced scaffolders where sent to Neutral Bay to set up this design created by the estimator.

It took our scaffolders approx 1 day to complete this system.  As you can see in the photo, Mr Scaffold was able to utilise the existing structure to facilitate access to some of the work area that was situation over the tile roof area.  Aluminium scaffold can do this, without breaking tiles, whereas the heavier scaffolding alternatives would not.

Aluminium scaffold is perfect for these access situations, with its great strength and light weight, it can assist in reaching many difficult and complex access arrangements.

If you have a situation that you are unsure how to access, call Mr Scaffold on 1300 677 223.

You can always check out our Scaffolding FAQ too.

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