When the roofer needs more than edge protection

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

scaffolding for roofing on church tower

Job of the Month November 2009

We know this looks like we haven’t completed the levels properly.  If you look closely, you will see that all the correct safety measures are on the top level of this build.

The roofing works needed on this church tower were such that attaching any sort of edge protection was impractical and short of the safety needs for the job.  Mr Scaffold was able to quickly erect the KWIKSCAF system up to the roof level and provide a safe, sturdy and practical working area around the 15 metre tall tower.  As you can see at the left in the picture above, part of the scaffold structure needed to be supported by the roof of the attached church building.  This is far easier to achieve with the lightweight aluminium scaffold than with it’s heavier steel counterpart.

Mr Scaffold was able to erect quickly due to the light weight and versatility of the aluminium scaffold.  Our KWIKSCAF system is capable of reaching heights of 30 metres and supporting up to 450 kg per bay.  Mr Scaffold can supply aluminium scaffold for your project, whether you wish to hire the equipment, or buy it outright, call our team to discuss on 1300 677 223.