The Next Level

kai zen in stylised japanese lettering means change for better for mr scaffoldmr scaffold tagline the next level as indicated by this raised thumbmr scaffold standing man logo indicating strength of body and purpose


Mr Scaffold’s tag line is THE NEXT LEVEL.

Mr Scaffold strives to be seen in the scaffolding industry in general to be the market leader. Our main objective is to specialise in Aluminium Scaffolding Tower systems.

However, we also believe that in all facets of our business, by doing things smarter, safer and to a higher standard, means customers are happier, employees work more effectively and the public is kept safer.

Always Striving for Improvement

The next level is the equivalent of a famous Japanese principle – Kaizen, meaning continuous improvement in everything that you do.

By striving to always take every facet of the work we do to The Next Level, everyone wins.

Philosophy that extends beyond Scaffolding

Our customers receive better products and services.

Our employees attain new and continually increasing levels of achievement, and our business is recognised as being the innovators and leaders in the Aluminium Scaffolds business.

Whether it be our Sales of

  • Mobile Portable scaffoldings,
  • Fold Up Mini Scaffolding or
  • Kwikscaf scaffold

nationally, or the scaffolding labour and hire services provided throughout NSW, VIC and QLD – we are always searching to do better and raise the bar to go to The Next Level