Royal Agricultural Society Pavilion urgent scaffold for repairs prior to Easter Show

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scaffolding for roofwork at homebush

Royal Agricultural Society asked Mr Scaffold to support them in getting access to the latest Pavilion, so work on the roof, soffit and angled wall could be completed.
Due to the Easter Show coming up quickly, the work needed to be performed quickly and with a keen eye for accuracy.

The main challenge of this project was a week prior to us constructing the scaffold access, air conditioning units were installed on the roof of the Pavilion, therefore leaving minimal room and load limits on the entire roof.

Load Limits, Space Limits and Inclement weather

A crane was needed to lift 7.5 tonnes of aluminium scaffold onto the roof, spreading out the weight over the roof matching engineer’s specifications.

Scaffolding was constructed around and over the air conditioning units, with careful attention not to damage to the roofing sheets or air conditioning units.

This job took approximately 110 man hours, whereas if steel was our main scaffolding material, this would need to be multiplied due to the weight difference, and the lack of storage area to hold the weight of the steel scaffold.

A First for our Estimator

This was Eriks’ first large Estimating job for Mr Scaffold, due to the restrictions this project was an outside the box design.
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