Bankstown Church Steeple Special Design for Repair Works

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

Project of the Month October 2011

bankstown church steeple scaffolded for repair

wide view of bankstown church steeple scaffold

The Uniting Church at Bankstown was requiring some repairs to the upper section of the steeple. This required a special design scaffold system to allow access by the contractors to make the repairs without touching or damaging the tiles. Mr Scaffold provided a highly skilled team and a fleet of trucks with gear to make this job possible. During the period of the build the job encountered storms and high winds making the job that much more complex. A very successful job and this is a credit to the high level of skill of the Mr Scaffold team.

You can see in our pictures that our team, in conjunction with our engineer has created two distinct scaffolding towers, which are then linked across the gap around the steeple by layher beams.  This cross connected structure created a very sturdy base, and was essential to ensuring that the scaffold would stand on it’s own during any eventuality.  As mentioned earlier, there were some of the usual storms that Sydney experiences during the spring, and the scaffold as designed, withstood the winds and ensured all were safe.

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