Roof Restoration with safety using aluminium scaffold

roof restoration scaffold

scaffold for roof restorationMr. Scaffold specialises in “Ground-up” scaffolding, where we base our scaffold on the available firm surface below the area to be accessed, and build up to create a safe work platform.

This example is where we had the main levels at 3 and 5 metres, with various other platforms worked into the build to meet the workers requirements.  The working areas are all protected by twin guardrails, toeboards and mesh screens.  This not only reduces the risk of injury to the workers on the scaffold, but also reduces the incidence of falling tools and equipment from the work platforms.  This precaution is absolutely necessary to reduce the risk to passers-by, residents and neighbours as well as the workers involved in the project.

Mr. Scaffold estimators have included the provision for continued use of the double garage that services the residence.  This is achieved by strengthening the spanning bays with a layher beam, to provide a base for support of the standards that would otherwise be extending to the driveway.  We always recommend that extreme care be taken when operating any type of vehicle in the vicinity of a scaffold, the size and weight of an inadvertent vehicle movement can be catastrophic to any scaffold build.

Mr. Scaffold has ensured the safety of the workers by further extending the upper level guardrails to accommodate the higher working surface of the roof itself.  You will also notice the extra guardrails next to the ladder bays, preventing any inadvertent fall whilst ascending or descending.  The ladder bays are situated away from the main working areas, reducing the possibility of clashes between working personnel and those who are utilising the ladder access.roof restoration scaffold spanning garage

As happens with most repair and maintenance jobs, there was an unforseen change required to the scaffold at this site after the build, caused by damage to an area that was not previously specified to be accessible.  Mr. Scaffold was able to return to the site with the appropriate materials to make the necessary changes, and with the addition of some extra connections to the structure, more standards and a cantilever over the roof area, the new work area was accessed safely and efficiently.

The use of a professional and experienced scaffolding team was the difference for this contractor, ensuring safety for all workers, clearance and access for the home-owners and weather-permitting, a quality finish provided in a speedy manner.

scaffold roof restoration