How to fit a Double width scaffold through a 30cm gap

end view carport scaffolding

Mr. Scaffold is very adept at creating unique and innovative solutions to each of the access challenges that are presented when we attend a scaffolding site.  Our experienced estimators have scaffolding beams and bracesusually noted the difficulties of the situation and will have a plan.  Working from the ground up, each level of the scaffold is  envisaged, and adjusted for the features above.  Changing bay sizes or moving the line of standards and Jacks to meet the expected variations.

scaffold under the carport

This build provided a similar opportunity for the estimator to leverage his experience, with the free-standing carport structure being too close to the building to allow a scaffold to be erected between it and the house.  The requirement was for a double width scaffold, so our estimator devised a cunning plan.

The full base for the scaffold was built next to the house, with the outer part being underneath the carport.  The bays were built to a height of 1.8 metres, and then ledgers were attached to extend to outside the far edge of the carport structure.  Jacks and standards were erected connecting to these ledgers climbing to a height above the peak of the carport roof.  There, each bay was connected over the carport to the outside standards with layher beams.

Once this structure was in place, essentially creating an exoskeleton for the carport and the scaffold, the double width bays were continued up to the desired working height.  The upper levels of the scaffold were supported by additional ledgers to the outside standards, and then the upper working level was diagonally braced to those same standards.  Cross bracing on the layher beams which were by necessity at slightly differing heights, along with cross bracing to both the ledgers spanning the carport, and those secured parallel to the carport length on the outside standards made this an extremely stable and sturdy working platform.

braced scaffoldingThe estimators plan included a separate bay at one end of the scaffold for ladder access, and was successful in placing a stable, secure working platform at the required height without placing any stress or weight on the unsuitable roof of the free-standing carport.