Scaffold access around a railway maintenance machine

track maintenance machine scaffold

scaffold on right sidecross view railway maintenance machine scaffoldLarge vehicles are notoriously difficult to work on.  Component size, height from the ground and a lack of a convenient surface to properly position yourself to reach and work on the required area are among the most common issues.  The Transport Industry is recognised as being one of the most dangerous for not having appropriate fall prevention systems in place for load manoeuvering and maintenance activities.

Mr Scaffold has assisted many organisations in overcoming these and other issues with our extremely versatile and adjustable KWIKSCAF Walk-through scaffolding system.

The use of a super tough T6-6061 aluminium alloy with 2.6mm wall thickness, fully welded joins and a complete array of options from 0.6 metre through 3.2 metre bay lengths and widths.  KWIKSCAF is usually employed with Jacks providing the vertical adjustment at the base, but it can be utilised with the appropriate wheels to provide a mobile solution.  (A scaffold should never be moved with people on the scaffold)

left side scaffold on railway maintenance machineVertical adjustment, Outriggers for stability and the ability to transform into a completely safe and secure working surface at exactly the right height for your job requirements is just the ticket for many jobs anywhere from 1 to 30 metres from the ground below.  The versatility is in the ability to land the working platforms at the correct height for the work required.

Mr Scaffold has an enviable reputation for innovation and ingenuity, but we never let that get in the way of our number one goal.  Safety of your team and ours.

Whether it’s a stair access to a roof for urgent maintenance on a chimney, or access to a force-ventilated confined space beneath a building, you can be confident in the professional and efficient service of Mr. Scaffold.  Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Mr Scaffold is the premier aluminium scaffold company across Australia.


track maintenance machine scaffold