Scaffold leaping over garage for eave replacement – Cherrybrook

scaffold over garage

scaffold on roofscaffolding at rearMr. Scaffold works with many different customers, from large Multi-Nationals to home-owners and just about everyone in-between.

Our systems and back-office procedures allow us to work seamlessly with large companies, public or private, and meet stringent qualification, induction & quality system requirements.

All this is not apparent to most customers, however it does mean that each and every job that Mr. Scaffold undertakes is supported by those systems, and the erection, inspection and dismantle of each job is conducted within the same safety framework.

Mr. Scaffold maintains the highest safety standards, allowing you to have confidence each time you use our services, or purchase our scaffold.  The project pictured on this page is a prime example, where it may have been possible to complete the scaffold without anchoring on the far side of the garage roof, Mr. Scaffold ensured the stability and security of the scaffold by landing and bracing on the driveways on both sides.  Coupled with the bracing to the building and the surrounding area by tie-ins and braces, this scaffold is extremely stable and secure.

scaffold at rearscaffold ladderThe light weight and high-strength characteristics of aluminium make it an excellent product to use on this job.  The scaffold can be built quickly, utilising the roof structure below, and allowing easy access across the entire work area.  The dismantle is similarly quicker, limiting the obstruction time for the garage to little more than that required for the actual repair works.

The Medium duty aluminium scaffold used on this job is a Mr. Scaffold brand called KWIKSCAF.  It is a modular system that can be assembled in a variety of fashions, and is therefore recommended for experienced scaffolders.  KWIKSCAF is however extremely versatile, with the ability to be used for anything from simple 2 or 3 metre access requirements, to 30 metre high site spanning walk-through building wraps.

The Mr. Scaffold KWIKSCAF system is just one of the available range of aluminium scaffolds, why not give our team a call on 1300 677 223 to see which one is suitable for your needs.

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