Scaffolding Dry Hire

mobile scaffolding tower erection procedurescaffold plan brace claw closeup

Scaffolding Dry Hire simply means hiring / renting the scaffold components you require, and installing, dismantling and using them on your own – without the use of our labour services.

For Aluminium Scaffolding Towers, the most commonly dry hired products are the Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Towers

These are the standard frame and diagonal brace systems.They are very easy to use, incredibly lightweight, and able to build up to a height of 10 metres.

Easy to use, Easy to Erect and simple to transport

As the frames are pre-fabricated, a first-time user can easily erect the scaffold towers in a short timeframe.

On casters, the portability provides an element of flexibility which allows users to complete their job quickly and easily.

Anyone is able to erect / dismantle / use scaffolding up to a height of 4 metres without qualifications or certification. A safe work method statement is provided on all of our scaffolds components, to help you work safely and efficiently as required.

An innovative Aluminium Walk-Through system

Mr Scaffold’s Kwikscaf is a very versatile and ingenious system that is available for Dry Hire. Quite popular with other scaffolders and steel scaffold companies because of it’s similiarity in design, functionality and use to Kwikstage / Kwikform systems, Mr Scaffold’s Kwikscaf is becoming more and more in demand.

The main difference is that Kwikscaf is manufactured from aluminium. It is incredibly light and strong, and used extensively where steel is just not practical due to access, weight or time constraints.

Aluminium Scaffolding Range to meet all your needs

Few companies stock a range of aluminum scaffolding systems as comprehensive as Mr Scaffold, and none can provide the quick and professional level of service synonomous with the Mr Scaffold brand.