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two metre mobile scaffold

Buy Scaffold

Buying aluminium scaffold from Mr. Scaffold is a great investment in your business. With continuing tightening of workplace safety requirements from WorkCover and WorkSafe- scaffold is required really now on every work site, in some shape or form.

Buying scaffolding makes sense if you are committed to a safe working environment for your employees. Height access is always popping up, and the simple fact is – without the right equipment, a quicker – usually less safe alternative is adopted, often with bad results.

The Safer way to do Business

Scaffolding on-site not only saves time but accidents and loss time injuries as well. Buying scaffold is not only a great investment in safety, but also in efficiency. Again, many contractors complete works without the right tools – often taking longer and costing more. Buying scaffold often “pays for itself” in the first few weeks, and provides a lifetime of time and cost savings.

Buying or Hiring – the Equation is usually simple

Scaffolding is readily available to hire. Mr.Scaffold guarantees delivery within 24 hours, usually same day – but many hire companies are not so efficient. While scaffold hire brings many benefits with it – it also means it is not as readily available, reducing some of the benefits highlighted above. Mr. Scaffold can help you buy the right scaffold for your needs, that can be practical today and grow with your changing needs. To buy a scaffold might cost less than you think. If you are going to buy a scaffold, you might as well buy the best. Mr. Scaffold has a full range of products available suiting different users from the Home Handyman, to the Tradesman to the Commercial user.mrscaffold mobile scaffolding six metre two level double front view

Buying Scaffold from Mr Scaffold makes Business Sense

Like all good tools, buying a scaffold is an investment in your business, and one that will pay dividends for years to come.