Coogee Palace Dome Renovation

coogee palace dome interior with mobile scaffolds on scaffolding floor

coogee palace dome sydney

The iconic dome on the Coogee Palace was in need of some TLC, the only issue for the owner was getting up close to the interior surface of the dome in an affordable and safe manner.  Enter Mr Scaffold, our experienced estimator provided a detailed plan and quote for the job, creating a full scaffold floor across the base of the dome, and using two large mobile scaffold towers on that new floor to access the entire interior surface of the dome.

Scaffolding across the void to make access simple and safe

safety harness on scaffolding erectionscaffolding coogee palace domescaffold underpinning coogee palacescaffold floor ready for ply - coogee palace

Engineering the scaffold to meet all requirements

Using the directions of our engineer, a scaffold floor was erected across the base of the dome, and over the void beneath.  Engineering support was utilised to ensure that the entire build was capable of withstanding the use of the two large mobile scaffold towers on the newly created floor.

To facilitate the safe use of the aluminium Mobile towers, the entire surface of the scaffold floor was resurfaced with ply to create a smooth, safe and trip free work area.

The final step was to build the two mobile scaffolding towers, one a 6 metre quad width tower Mobile scaffold on scaffolding platform coogee
(6.0m(h) x 2.5m(l) x 2.6m(w)) for the higher sections of the dome, and a 4 metre double width tower with outriggers (4.0m(h) x 2.5m (l) x 1.3m(w)) for the lower sections around the perimeter of the dome.

Mr Scaffold is the Premier Aluminium Scaffolding Contractor for all your needs

Mr Scaffold is very proud to have taken part in the rejuvenation of such an iconic building.  If you have a project, whether it is large or small, Mr Scaffold can help you find the right access solution.  Give our Team a call on 1300 677 223