Putting on the Ritz – Scaffolding Double Bay Hotel

Double Bay KWIKSCAF walk-through scaffold

Point Piper and Double Bay are regular destinations for Mr Scaffold.  We have many customers who call us back repeatedly to reach the difficult to access areas on residences that are perched overlooking the harbour. Innovation and scaffolding experience make it possible for Mr Scaffold to launch from the trickiest of spots to reach whatever point is necessary.  This job however has fewer issues with launching sites.  A Commercial operation, where we were asked to provide walk-through access across three walls of a courtyard, and along the length of an exterior wall.  The only real hitch was an external corner where the available base dropped down to a walkway 15 metres.  Not really a major issue as our KWIKSCAF system is rated to 30 metres in height.

single width walk through scaffoldMr Scaffold had the pleasure of erecting this scaffold around a Double Bay Hotel, to support remedial works and renovation.
The flexibility of the Aluminium Walk-Through scaffolding system – KWIKSCAF – is immediately apparent when these images are viewed. Our team were able to have the components craned into the courtyard, and then the system was erected. The ladder access tower was built first, then progressing outward from that point to the extent required by the customer.scaffolding around balconies in double bay


Straight Run – once you get around the balconies

There was another area on the exterior of the hotel that needed to be scaffolded. The same walk-through scaffold system was utilised, and as can be seen, thescaffolding in double bay connecting 15m upwards to support corner versatility and flexibility of the system was needed to allow complete access around the bulbous balconies.

Working in with other companies and contractors is a situation that Mr Scaffold is well used to, and this project was no different, with other tasks being completed on the roof and within the confines of the courtyard, it was imperative that our scaffold was erected efficiently, clearing our craned in equipment for use by other contractors.

Another Successful Project for Mr Scaffold

The project was a success, and Mr Scaffold was dismantling in the same efficient manner on time and on budget.

Mr Scaffold is a regular in the harbourside suburbs. Keep an eye out for our banners!

We love scaffolding buildings with a view

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scaffolding with double backside handrailscaffolding components ready for erectionwalk through scaffold in double bay hotel courtyard