Dropping in to solve a University Problem – April 2016

drop scaffolding with bracing

Scaffolding from the top
Within the campus of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) there is a building with a ramped driveway that leads to the loading dock area.  As with most buildings and organisations, blocking this driveway for an extended period of time would be extremely inconvenient and adversely impact the day to day business of hundreds.  So when you need to access the area above the driveway for maintenance work it becomes a logistics nightmare.

Due to the sloping nature of the driveway and the need for continual access, even the use of a mobile tower was not possible.

Thankfully, there was a light well that lead down to the driveway, and with the use of lightweight aluminium scaffolding, along with the skill and expertise of Mr Scaffold personnel, the access problem was solved.

Drop Scaffold through light wellAs you can see in our photos, the Mr Scaffold team has securely stationed the feet of the build on the roof, protected by wooden pads to spread the load and prevent scratching the finished surface.  Where necessary, jacks are used to compensate for differences in height across the surface, and create a completely level starting point for the scaffold build.

The initial build direction is upward, to ascend over the light well structure, and also to provide sufficient points of leverage to create a secure and stable launching point for the drop scaffold within the light well.  In our first picture, you can see the longer horizontal beams are actually reinforced.  These ledger beams are designed to hold more weight without bowing or sagging, so the Mr Scaffold team has used them to help support the weight of the drop scaffold and the personnel who will be working on it.  You will note that the build also incorporates a diagonal brace at the top to keep stability and reduce movement.

Descending from the ledger beams

Our second photo shows the drop scaffold descending into the light well, and also where the Mr Scaffold team has used ledgers and padding (in this case carpet off-cuts) to protect the finished surface of the light well walls.  In this fashion, they have braced the build against the existing structure to prevent torsion and yawing during the movement of personnel upon the scaffold.Drop Scaffold with bracing

This photo also clearly shows that the drop scaffold is secured to the stronger ledger beams, and not to the ledger in between them.  This ledger is essential though, as it is a stipulated safety requirement.  You may notice that each platform is surrounded by aluminium mesh guard rails, and toe boards.

Every build for Mr Scaffold is treated in exactly the same fashion, every possible measure is taken to ensure the safety of our own people and yours.  From a small drop scaffold, to an entire building façade, Mr Scaffold is fastidious about safety.

If you have an access problem, give Mr Scaffold a call on 1300 677 223 and let our team help you.