Mr Scaffold builds a temporary kitchen for Sydney Lunar Markets – February 2016

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Scaffold as a structure for Chinese New Year.  Lunar Markets in Pyrmont.
Who are you going to call when you need a temporary structure for your outlet at the Lunar markets but you want to make sure it will stay there and not get blown away in one of the Summer Storms that have been hitting Sydney?  Mr Scaffold of course!scaffolding platforms create a roof

We have created a sturdy structure which is close to being a 4m x 4m x 4m cube. Mr Scaffold created a roof using scaffolding platforms which are then covered by plywood, and wrapped with plastic to provide a rain proof barrier above.

With such a large area, coupled with the light weight of our aluminium scaffold, the structure still presented a risk of movement with the violent winds Sydney has experienced recently.  So we have 760kgs of weights on each corner. The layher beams are spider braces, plan braced and the bottom chord has a number of lace tubes.


scaffolding counterweights to prevent movement

Making sure the whole structure is ROCK SOLID

I know that the members of the team that were working on this job will be skipping their trip to the gym this week, with 152 of the 20kg counterweights having to be loaded, transported and unloaded then carried to the structure and fixed into place.  That’s 3 tonne of weights.  It’s just as well that we used aluminium scaffold for the rest!

Engineering the “out of the ordinary”

Mr Scaffold will organise the design/construction certificate, and this will be provided to the client so they can decorate for the Lunar Markets.  Mr Scaffold hopes that there will be only good weather for the duration of the Lunar markets, but if we are in attendance and a big storm cell looms over the top of Star Casino, I can guarantee which stall our experienced scaffolders would be edging towards!

scaffolding lunar markets sydneyaluminium scaffolding temporary structure for sydney lunar marketsscaffolding sydney lunar markets

Whether your needs are similar to this, or totally different, Mr Scaffold has the expertise, professionalism and skill to make things happen for you.

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