Carefully working over the pool – Ovolo Hotel – January 2016

Scaffold over pool Ovolo

Scaffolding to exacting requirements is a specialty of Mr Scaffold.  When asked by the iconic Ovolo Hotel in Woolloomooloo to construct a scaffold over the indoor pool for some maintenance work, our estimator knew there would be some special requirements.  The pool, as pictured is fully tiled, and features a wet-edge, with grating surrounding the tiled edge of the concrete pool structure.  The hotel agreed to have the pool operate at a lower level for the duration of the erection of the scaffold, and had some individual requirements.

pool without scaffold

The indoor pool at Ovolo Woolloomooloo

The pool features parallel lines of tiles running the length of the pool, and the contrast of Black on the Pale Blue shows the absolute perfection of the tiling job.  Laying tiles in sscaffolding woolloomooloo at ovolo hoteluch an exact manner, with no visible waver in the highly contrasting colours along such a length is no small feat of craftsmanship.  Having achieved this perfect look within the pool, it was understandable that they were unwilling to have any sort of structure even coming close to the interior tiles.  Similarly, the ambiance of the pool area is enhanced by the wooden decking that extends from the edge of the pool grilles throughout the area of the pool surrounds.  Damage or chafing to this wooden surface from any weight bearing was to be avoided.

Using the versatility of aluminium to avoid damaging the surrounds

Mr Scaffold utilised the hard edge of the pool, where the larger tiles would easily withstand the weight of our lightweight yet sturdy aluminium scaffold.  Our experienced scaffolders quickly erected a structure over the pool providing a safe working platform, fully supported on the edges of the pool.  There was sufficient clearance to allow access if necessary, without the opening being large enough to present a fall hazard into the now empty pool.  To ensure that the weight-bearing did not encroach beyond the grilles, cantilevered scaffold steps ovolo hotel woolloomoolooMr Scaffold cantilevered the steps from the platform.  This meant that the steps were a perfect height for easy access to the work platform, but they were suspended clear of the existing wooden floor.