Grades of Aluminium and Castings used in Scaffolding

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In Australia, the quality or identification of metals and castings used for aluminium scaffolding, is controlled by the Australian Standards.

These are comprehensive guidelines, to the metallurgical properties (chemical composition, makeup etc), that a material must possess to be classified as a specific material.

The controlling Australian Standards are summarized usually in tables, and sorted in similar groupings – for example Steel, Aluminium, Ingots etc.

Aluminium Designations and coding

In Aluminium Scaffolding the most common tubing material used is T6 – 6061.

T6 stands for the tensile strength, and T6 is the highest tensile (strongest), form of 6061.

6061 is the class number of the aluminium. It pertains to the grade, composition and makeup of the aluminium.

The 6000 series, which has silicon and magnesium as the alloying elements, is by far the most widely used in extrusion. In a 7021 alloy, zinc and magnesium are responsible for the hardening effect. Some alloys use manganese, zirconium or chrome to increase toughness.

Iron, which is found in all commercial aluminium, can have a negative effect on toughness and finish (amongst other things) if present in high quantities.

Two hardening methods are used on alloys in the extrusion process. ‘Solution’ heat treatment is carried out during extrusion by carefully controlling the temperature of the emerging profile. ‘Precipitation’ hardening (ageing), which takes a few hours, occurs in special furnaces after the extrusion process.

Amongst the factors affecting the choice of the right alloy for an extruded product are:
– Strength, finish, suitability for decorative anodising, corrosion resistance, suitability for machining and forming, weldability and production costs.

Aluminium Alloy come in many different compositions

T6-6061 is the most suitable aluminium for scaffolding. It’s structural strength, ability to be extruded, manufactured and fabricated while maintaining properties and strength make it suitable.

6061 is very easy to use, is resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidization, again making it very suitable for not only scaffolding products and components, but for other structural and outdoor use products.

Aluminium Scaffolding that is robust, durable and weather resistant

Mr. Scaffold only uses certified T6-6061 in all of its aluminium scaffolds. From the Fold Up Mini Scaffold, to our portable rolling aluminum scaffold towers, right upto Kwikscaf – you can be guaranteed that Mr. Scaffold only uses the highest quality aluminium and products in all components.


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