Scaffolding Safety is a Business Priority for Mr Scaffold

mr scaffold aluminium scaffolding

At Mr Scaffold, safety is our number one priority. Check back for updates.

Our Vision

‘Providing market leading scaffolding solutions through superior customer service and product innovation.’

We know that having a vision statement is common for companies, we here at Mr Scaffold have used ours to describe the attitude that we have towards providing our scaffold and scaffolding services to customers.  The safety of our people, our customers and everyone who passes over, through, on, under or near a Mr Scaffold Tower is of the utmost importance to us.

We take pride in our safety record, we take care of each step to ensure that everyone involved gets to go home to their loved ones each night.  That is the ultimate meaning of success for us, whether we are building the tower ourselves, hiring out the scaffolding components, or selling scaffold to someone to use for themselves.  We will be direct and honest about the best way to use and utilise our aluminium scaffold.  See some of the links and information about Scaffolding Safety.

Mr Scaffold has a long record of providing services in Confined Spaces and RISI situations.  There is zero tolerance for shortcuts or lax application of safety measures in these environments, and we take that to each and every scaffold we build.  Working on a scaffold is all about safety and harness on scaffolding erection