Having trouble with the curve? Not with Mr Scaffold at your site

scaffolding platforms as steps follow the roof curve

scaffolding spanning a curved roofMr Scaffold is capable of providing full service scaffolding hire and labour solutions.  We have some large jobs in the pipeline, most of which we cannot share on these pages, so until we have something more recent to show you, I thought I would share an interesting job from a short while ago.

Our client was having issues with Water Leaking around the flashings on a very attractive and modern looking addition to a house.  The lightweight construction materials were a feature of this construction which lead to unique requirements in solving the water ingress problem.scaffolding span over curved roof

Our client needed to be able to reach and work on the flashings in the connection between the angles on the roof.  The roofing material was a perforated polycarbonite, and therefore was not able to be used in any way to support weight.  This required a scaffolding structure that spanned the curved roof whilst remaining close enough for workers to easily and safely reach the work area.

Keeping close to the work area

The solution was to build a scaffold that indeed spanned the entire section of the roof to be worked upon, with the far side being supported by an older flat section of roofing.  The light weight of aluminium scaffolding making it possible to support one end of the structure on this roofing area.

scaffolding platforms as steps follow the roof curveTo provide sufficient working area and maintain close proximity to the work area, a tower was erected with an internal ladder, linked to the base on the other side of the work by a pair of layher beams.  The working platforms were then suspended at the appropriate level from these beams, being close to the roof, without contacting it.

Innovation and safety Hand in Hand

A decision was made to use 1.2 metre long platforms running across the scaffolding structure as shown in the picture, creating a wide enough area for workers to kneel and access the work area, and forming a step like appearance to the scaffold.  The entire process, though a relatively small scaffold, was technical and innovative to meet the specific needs of that particular client.

An Excellent result for all in a Residential Scaffolding build

Mr Scaffold was able to meet the needs of the client, complete the work without incident, and keep everybody safe.  Our clients was able to complete the requiredusing the flat roof to support the scaffolding for the curved roof work easily and safely, a WIN for everyone involved.