What sort of heights does it take to scare a scaffolder?

scaffold at base camp
scott mr scaffold mt kilimanjaro

Scott at the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro

scaffold project manager going to base camp

View from Mt Everest Base Camp








Most of you will remember the efforts of our own Scott Micallef in scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Scott graced us with some photos from the summit, and a few tales of the trek, despite his trials with altitude sickness. He has now announced that he will be undertaking another challenge that he readily admits scares him. To those who know Scott, this is not a statement he would make lightly.

Scott is reknowned at Mr. Scaffold for his fierce determination and single minded tenacity for the job at hand. He is a talented and experienced Project Manager, who regularly shows that his skills as an advanced scaffolder are second to none. He is one of the driving forces behind the success of Mr. Scaffold from inception, and commands the respect and admiration of the entire team.

What we don’t always see is the generousity and humility that Scott displays in his many endeavours to help out with charity and community work. He is so humble that we forget to recount the work that he does in helping those in a less fortunate position, and we have often failed to report on his charitable works.

Now is the time that we can join Scott in helping out. He has decided to allow us to join him in fundraising for the charity “Feel the Magic“.

scaffold leader everest base camp

Typical accommodations at Mt Everest Base Camp


Scott is undertaking a 15 day trek to Mount Everest base camp, and he has a fundraising page aimed at raising $2000 dollars towards this very worthwhile cause. Anybody who has suffered the loss of a loved one, whether as a child or an adult will know that the work done by this charity is incredibly important and worthwhile in todays society.

To help Scott surpass his fundraising goal, and also help a smaller yet both relevant and effective charity make a difference in many childrens’ lives, please click on any of the links on this page and give what you can.  Every small donation helps, and you can take pride in knowing that you have helped a child.

Mr. Scaffold is proud to be following and supporting Scott during his Trek, and will provide updates on his progress and achievement as they become available.

feel the magic

Stay Tuned.