Sydney Scaffold appears to hover over pool

sydney pool scaffold levitation

scaffold sydney levitation

Mr. Scaffold takes great pride in the quality of work that all of our staff produce, and we like to take the opportunity to display some of the more interesting projects on these pages.

This week is no different, with a scaffold that would seem to be fairly simple, needing a 7 metre platform to work on the gable end of an upper level on a residence.  The interesting part comes when you introduce the element of the pool in the backyard.

As can be seen in the photos, this residence has a beautiful and large pool that is nestled into and shapes around both the house and the outbuilding in the back yard.  This makes for a fantastic sight from the house, with glass doors and windows along the rear of the property providing an uninhibited view of the spectacular pool, framed by a feature wall with a waterfall aperture, and the abundant foliage of the advanced garden.

scaffold gable end sydney


This magnificent setup is no doubt thoroughly enjoyed by the residents, however it does present a small problem when a scaffold is needed on the roof above for some maintenance work on the external features of the upper level.

There is sufficient room to land one side of the double width scaffold run onto the siding of the pool that runs along the back of the house.  There is also room on this side of the pool away from the feature wall to land the other side of the scaffold.  However with the run being three bays long, that leaves three of the four jack placements on the side of the scaffold away from the house dangling over the luxurious expanse of that beautiful pool.

So our experienced scaffolders set about the task of levitating those support points over the water by extending the scaffold bracing to the other end of the pool side.  An extra bay was added to the side of the double width scaffold that was 2.5 metres wide (quad width) to provide extra attachment points for the Layher beams that were then run to the landing points on the opposite side of the pool. This extra bay was spanned using ledger beams to provide greater support and rigidity.

levitation scaffold sydney

Each of the layher beams were properly situated on Jacks supported on boards and carpet offcuts to prevent any damage to the pool surrounds, and then securely tied into the scaffold at several places.  This creates the base for our scaffold, and the points above the pool look like they are levitating.

The whole scaffold is then cross braced, horizontally and vertically, ensuring a solid base for the platform which is extended from the double width initial run across the tile roof to the work area.  This platform is similarly braced, and utilises a ledger beam to add strength and rigidity to ensure that most of the weight goes back through the scaffold structure, and not directly onto the tile roof.

pool scaffold levitation sydney

As can be seen in the photos, our experienced crew ensured that the structure of the scaffold was created with the application of ledger beams, layher beams and extra standards where necessary to ensure a rigid stable and most importantly SAFE working platform for our clients.

Mr. Scaffold uses the same ingenuity, innovation and expertise in every scaffold build, whether it is in a Confined space, on a ship or at the top of a commercial building.  We have experience across Industrial Scaffolding, Commercial heights access, Infrastructure Confined Space access for drains, sewers etc. and general residential access requirements.

Give our team a call when you need help with an access problem and let us help you find the best solution.


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