How Scaffolding contributes to making kids happy

scaffold a dragon

It’s not often that we get to brag about having been part of something involving children as part of the scaffolding world, but this is too good for us not to share.stump before scaffold

This started out as a normal enquiry to 1300 677 223, and before long, our Victorian team were heading out to a Primary School to erect scaffolding around the almost 3 metre tall remains of the previously imposing tree.  Our team quickly erected a two level tower using our own brand Kwikscaf walk-through aluminium scaffolding system.

scaffold around stumpEach level was fully protected with the correct toeboards, handrails and mesh screening.  Each corner of the tower was supported by an outrigger, increasing the stability for the upper platform.  The Tower enclosed the stump, providing not only access but crucial working space on all sides of the work area.  Face bracing on each side, coupled with an internal ladder, trapdoor access and an extra rail across the gap adjacent to the ladder access ensured complete safety.  The uneven nature of the playground did not present a great difficulty, with the proficient use of adjustable jacks to keep the platforms level.  Like all Mr Scaffold sites, the scaffold was certified and tagged by a qualified professional before it could be accessed by other workers.


Mr Scaffold was advised that the scaffolding would be utilised by a local artisan to transform the tall stump of the tree into an artwork sculpture, similar in dimensions to what we might consider a Totem Pole to look like.  We have to admit to having had considerable interest in the end result.

Our team were fortunate enough to sneak a couple of photos of the finished product.

scaffold totem

scaffolding removed from dragon totem

scaffold removed from totem