Paddington Terrace roof maintenance

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

Job Of The Month - Apr 2004

Sydney is famous for it’s 1800’s style Victorian Terraces. The eastern and inner western suburbs of Paddington, Newtown, Glebe, Edgecliff, and many others are primarily built with this type of construction.

With common walls, and long skinny designs, these houses often have steep roofs as a feature. There is quite a lot of work to do on these ageing gems, and we are frequently finding our business is focused in close proximity to the city and these Victorians for a wide array of works.

In our Job of the Month April 2004, some quick works to the chimney stack, while a skylighting and panel system was installed, was the reason for Mr Scaffold’s services in the leafy suburb of Balmain.

Because of public access requirements, and local council restrictions for building on footpaths, Mr Scaffold’s used 6m ladder beams to span across to avoid building a base outside the perimeter of the house.

This saved the client big money for council fees. Kwikscaf, our new and ingenious aluminium scaffolding system made this job a breeze.

3 guys finished the job in just 5 hours, which was unbelievable. Steel scaffolding systems were unable to be based out on the roofs of the home, and meant that Kwikscaf was really the only alternative. Sometimes, alloy is just so much quicker and easier, and provides capabilities, not available to the big brother of aluminium – steel scaffolding.

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