Scaffold of the Month March 2004 – Sydney Inner West dismantle

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

walk through scaffolding sydney inner west

We had such a good run on this job on February 2004, we thought why not give it a go again as our Job of the Month March 2004.

Transportation is the one of the key factors

440 square meters came down quick. Loading the trucks was the biggest trick. With just 4 trucks available, we had to be pretty conservative with space on this one.

Aluminum Scaffolding is generally loaded on and off the truck by hand. That is probably the biggest advantage and disadvantage of the KWIKSCAF system.

It allows the use of much smaller trucks, and in general we run primarily 4.5T table tops – which are eligible for driving with a normal car licence under NSW regulations. This means we can get into streets, alleys and laneways, unthinkable for a semi. This of course means, that transportation costs, setup and overall installation are reduced dramatically.

Onsite access and storage

On the flipside, simply dismantling scaffolds, packing the components onto stillages and away you go is a luxury not provided in the alloy business. However, smaller trucks are loaded with bigger capacities, so the overall efficiency of aluminium scaffolding far exceeds that of it’s steel competitors.

Aluminium Scaffold solves most of the problems

Whilst access was good on this job, the point is that all the transportation to and from the site was done directly off the back of our trucks, and no equipment was left on-site to provide a public nuisance.