Hanging out at the Shopping Centre

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

In our Job of the Month July 2009 – No, your eyes are not playing up! The base of this scaffold is missing………

The nature of the site required that we suspend the scaffold fully, and then build it 14m high to allow access to the roof for some advertising installation and general repair works.

Kwikscaf was perfect for this job. As the site was a commercial shopping centre, quick erection and dismantle of the access tower was a must.

Simply, scaffolding was the only way that it could be done. With Kwikscaf, and 8 of our Advanced Scaffolders, we were able to erect the job overnight, and dismantle the whole job when work had been completed just 2 nights later.

No weekend trade was affected at all by our works, and for just 3 days, there was slightly limited access to a small part of the top level of one of Australia’s busiest shopping centers.

This job is July’s example of Mr. Scaffolds innovative solution. Our experience and efficiency allows great solutions for our customers.

Where there is a requirement for safety, as with all aspects of our work, we take no shortcuts. Our Scaffolding Hire teams are fully qualified. We also specialise in Scaffolding Sales.

Give us a call on 1300 677 223 or email us at our contact page. If you have a scaffold that needs to be built, or a place that needs to be accessed that you think is impossible. We love the impossible.

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