Beachside Brilliance for this Bondi Building

mr scaffold hoarding on scaffold above sidewalk canopy

mr scaffold hoarded lightweight aluminium scaffolding in

Job of the Month May 2010 – Kwikscaf and Hoarding

This alloy scaffold job was on Australia’s iconic Campbell Parade, Bondi.

Millions of tourists and locals have strolled past this landmark building in the past year on the travels to Sydney and Australia in general. Bondi’s beautiful aspect comes really with only one pitfall – SALT.

Of course the close proximity of Campbell Parade, Bondi to the water, means that salt damage to buildings is common. Constant painting and maintenance to the exteriors especially is required.

Like many of the buildings from the century, and keeping with Sydney’s city feel, the awnings are made from lightweight materials.

Therefore, building heavy scaffolds on top of them is not a practical option, and our different aluminium scaffolding systems, are often used in such job locations.

We have a resident scaffolding engineer, who has 20 years scaffolding experience, working internationally (all over Asia), and in every state of Australia.

Advice and certification on awning props was provided by our engineer, as is the case on every job where loads are placed on either non-permanent structures, or where permanent structures are not specifically designed to take loads.