Edgecliff views cannot distract our professionals from the job at hand

mr scaffold kwikscaf building coverage

mr scaffold kwikscaf building coverage

Mr Scaffolds ingenious Kwikscaf system – similar to Kwikstage, but manufactured from Aluminium, made our Job Of The Month April 2010 a breeze.

Stage 2 of this apartment block on Edgecliff Road, Edgecliff, this labour and hire scaffold job in Sydney, was completed in 3 stages.

Stage 2 was the east-facing balcony, which has great views on Sydney Harbour, from the Vaucluse, over the Sydney City Skyline, through the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and beyond to the suburbs and Sydney’s Blue Mountains.

Kwikscaf makes any job easy. It is lightweight, versatile and strong. Being aluminium it is resistant to rust, and never needs to be painted.

More complex jobs like this Job of the Month, will always require some scaffolding expertise.

However, some more straightforward jobs are carried out by Mr Scaffold’s Sales customers, all over the country – from Melbourne to Brisbane and Cairns, over to the west in Perth and throughout central Australia in Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin, you can see Kwikscaf in use!

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