Not just in a straight line for Edgecliff building

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

edgecliff commercial scaffolding

Our Job of the Month March 2010 takes us to Sydney’s famous eastern suburbs, which keeps a lot of local contractors very busy, as it is a hub of renovation and refurbishment activity – and therefore scaffolding work, especially Aluminium Scaffolding systems and solutions are particularly sought after.

This job was completed on the landmark unit block at Edgecliff Road, Edgecliff.

Stage 1 was the west face of the building, and the base of the scaffold was constructed on the Level 2 balcony – around 6 metres above street level.

The curvy nature of the building was no hassle for Mr Scaffold’s team of skilled and fully qualified Advanced Scaffolders. Great access for remedial builders and painters was provided with our Kwikscaf system.

Power lines, traffic conditions, public access, as well as the usual building site obstacles all had to be contended with on this job.

Mr Scaffold’s commitment to Safety and Innovation, means this job that ran for around 10 weeks, was completed without incident or accident.