Mr. Scaffold enters the WorkCover NSW Safe Work Awards

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding
Mr. Scaffold has just entered the WorkCover NSW Safe Work Awards, entering under Category 2 for the best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue. This Award recognises excellence in developing and implementing a solution to an identified safety issue.

Whilst participating in the Big Brother mentoring program with Lend Lease, a risk was identified to staff when loading and unloading trucks. The risk was that they could injure themselves if they fell from the trucks.

“The catch scaffold was born”.

The catch scaffold is a set of stairs leading to a fixed platform with barrier railings to allow a safe, stable and easy access solution. It is a one of a kind innovation made from scaffolding components and can be used not only for the intended purpose, that being to reduce the risk to our staff while loading and unloading trucks, but as a safe and effective access platform that can be used in many different situations.

Just another example of Mr Scaffold leading the way in OH&S and at the same time proving that scaffolders are not just pretty faces.