Not all the scaffolding jobs are big & beautiful

scaffold stair access

scaffold jetscaffold neededMr. Scaffold has been working with Companies, Tradies & Home Owners for almost two decades in providing scaffolding services to help everyone reach “The Next Level”.  Our company has grown and matured along the way, increasing in efficiency and capability.  We boast a management system that is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we are working towards other ISO certifications in our efforts to ensure that each and every job is handled in the same proficient manner.

This may seem like a fairly simple statement, however we have learnt throughout our extensive experience that it is equally important to ensure all the Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), certifications, inspections and scaffold tags are applied to the smallest of jobs as they are to the largest.  Take the two example jobs on this post.  One is a single bay work platform that is nestled under the wing of a passenger aircraft, and the other is a stair access and safety rail on a prefabricated metal structure.  Neither of these jobs reaches the 4 metre fall height that would require a mandatory scaff tag sign off.  They are each being erected inside a large and fairly open space, where there is sufficient room to maneuver and set out the scaffold as it is built.  There is no adjacent running machinery, or significant drop, there is no weather or wind risk.

jetstar scaffold

stair access scaffold

Each of these jobs was approached by our team in the same manner as they would a towering scaffold build that reached 30 metres up the side of a building.  The scaffold was set out, firmly seated on soleboards to ensure a secure footing, the standards are then added to the jacks, ledgers and transoms added at the lowest level.  The scaffold is then levelled, even though they are both within a building with a seemingly level concrete floor, the process is followed for each and every build.  Once confirmed as level by adjusting the floor jacks or castors, the erection continues.

On completion of the erection, the entire build is inspected by the Team Leader, who has the responsibility of ensuring the integrity of the structure, all connections and bracing.  Once satisfied, each build is then certified by the signing of a scaff tag, which is valid for 30 days. The overarching tenet that Mr. Scaffold personnel follow with all our jobs is to ensure that the intended workers are safe, secure and confident in the working area that we provide.  This requires that ALL of the stringent procedures and processes that accompany our builds is fully completed and certified.

scaffold under wing

guardrail scaffold

Each of these two jobs involves personnel accessing and working on a level which is above the surrounding floor level.  There is no limit to the list of scenarios that could lead to one of the people working on these platforms becoming unbalanced and falling towards the edge of the platform.  Each example is properly braced, with guardrails at the correct height, toeboards securely positioned and fully secured ladders reaching the working area with sufficient extra rungs to make the climb as safe as possible. The unwavering attention to detail on every job is part of what makes Mr. Scaffold the leader in scaffolding services across Australia.

guardrail and toeboard