The Pro-Series

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mr scaffold pro series scaffold erected on the concave face of a building facade

The Pro-Series is aimed primarily at bigger business, more frequent user, who is commonly transporting and using the scaffolding on a daily / weekly basis.

Fold Up Mini Scaffolding with Extension, Mobile ScaffoldsKwikscaf are all part of Mr Scaffold’s highly respected Pro-Series.


The Pro-Series range of products were all designed with one thing in mind – to be the superior products in the marketplace. The Pro-Series range of products are all designed to perform Medium Duties. Medium Duties for scaffolding means that the platforms have a SWL of 450kg.

Mr Scaffold’s Pro Series is manufactured from 2.6mm wall thickness and 50.8mm outer diameter, ribbed, T6-6061 aluminium tubing.

Fully TIG welded, not pressed, the Pro Series is recognized industry-wide as the market leading brand in its field.

Mr Scaffold Delivers Quality across all ranges of products

Whether it be Trade Series, Pro Series, or a product from one of Mr Scaffold’s other ranges, one thing is certain – you just can’t beat the investment of time, money, experience and most of all commitment – that Mr Scaffold invests into its products.

The outright leader in High Quality Aluminium Scaffolding in Australia

Our reputation and brand recognition, have been built on that commitment and investment, and is your guarantee to quality and safety.