Project of the Month April 2014 – Abbotsbury Electrical Substation Access Solution

Mr Scaffold Electrical Substation Scaffolding Abbotsbury

Electrical Substation Request for Scaffolding
Abbotsbury Substation (Constructed by Endeavour Energy) requested the need for a light easy scaffold system to be setup to fit 3 x 100mm diameter cables to two of these transformers.

Full Induction and PPE required for substation build

Due to the site being an electrical substation site, each scaffolder needed to be inducted by Endeavour Energy, and requested to wear full PPE.

Even this was a small job for our scaffolders compared to other projects we have been involved in, the risk and the need for accuracy was greatly increased due to the potential of electrical discharge.

Our scaffolding estimator visited the site once and was able to create a perfect aluminium setup to support Endeavour Energy.
Our estimators are fully trained in numerous scaffold systems, and able to think outside of the conventional square. Therefore they are able to give you, our client, a scaffolding system which will give you a peace of mind.
No need to order extra gear, no need to stretch your budget more then required. The right amount of scaffold gear, the right type of scaffolding system, and most importantly the right price with great service.

Not just platforms, but cable supports as well

Timber Bearers (4 x 3) where needed, sitting in adjustable “U” head jacks were required to assist in the positioning of these cables.

This new $45 million substation is being built to offload these adjoining substations (Bonnyrigg, Bossley Park, Hinchinbrook & Horsley Park) once this is fully commissioned.
The Substation is fully enclosed from view from the public.

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