Scaffolding from the Canopy up to keep the street area clear

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

scaffolding above canopy on rose bay hotel

Our featured Project of the Month December 2012 takes us to one of Sydney’s most iconic pubs – Rose Bay Hotel in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs needed a facelift.

Who did the builder call to provide a difficult scaffold solution – Mr. Scaffold!!

Covering an icon without restricting access

The scope of the job was that the owner didn’t want to lose trade by limiting pedestrian access to the very busy street the hotel is located on.

This meant that hoardings and propping at street level were out. We needed to build on the awning and engineer a solution that ensure the load could be managed to ensure structural integrity of the awning and building.

Through some clever engineering and use of our KwikScaf which is lightweight, extremely strong and versatile, we were able to manage this.

Tying in and supporting above the canopy using lightweight aluminium

Scaffolding works took only 3 days in total to erect the 450 Square Meter structure which is tied in to the walls and roof of the building.

This is a really great example of how our KwikScaf system and highly experienced team of engineers, estimators, leading hands and advanced scaffolders were able to work together to create a solution that saved time and money for all parties involved.  See our Scaffolding FAQ

Great job team and special thanks to our engineer Mr. Michael Sacco for your time and attention to this job!